About 60AMXS

60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

The 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides safe and reliable aircraft maintenance to 16 C-5Ms and 2 C-5Cs for global operations. The squadron maintains mission-ready aircraft, equipment, and personnel for worldwide deployment to support Air Mobility Command’s global mission. Our unit is responsible for generating air superiority twenty-four hours a day so that the Air Force can maintain its advantage in providing rapid global mobility and supporting humanitarian relief when requested.

Squadron History

  • Activated as 60 OMS (Operational Maintenance Support) on 27 December 1965
  • Organized under the 60 MAW (Military Airlift Wing) on 8 January 1966
  • Restructured as 60 AGS (Aircraft Generation Support) on 1 August 1990
  • Restructured as 60 AMXS (Aircraft Maintenance Squadron) on 18 September 2003

Squadron Personnel

Squadron total: 361 personnel and 22 civilians

  • Aircraft Maintenance Unit: 334 maintainers responsible for flight line maintenance for 18 assigned aircraft valued at $4.3 billion in six different Air Force Specialty Codes: Crew Chiefs, Communication and Navigation, Propulsions, Integrated Flight Control System, Hydraulics, and Electrical and Environmental. They fill roles such as Maintainers, Expediters, Production Superintendents, and Section Chiefs.
  • Aircraft Support Flight: Largest flight in Air Mobility Command, 18 maintainers responsible for tools, equipment, and vehicles, valued at $80 million with 195,000 total items. [-21, Consolidated Tool Kit, Technical Order Distribution Office, Hazardous Waste, Vehicle Non-Commissioned Officer].
  • Combat Readiness and Commander’s Support Staff: 8 personnel responsible for programs such as Unit Deployment Manager, Financial Resources Advisor, Flying Crew Chiefs, Physical Fitness Monitor, and Security Manager.

C-5M Super Galaxy

The C-5M Super Galaxy results from Lockheed Martin’s modernization project from the C-5B Galaxy. The improved C-5M Super Galaxy is the only strategic airlift aircraft capable of linking America directly to the warfighter, in all combat theaters, without refueling.

  • General Electric CF6-80CS engines, supporting a 22% increase of thrust at 50,580 lbs. That’s the equivalent of seven 2017 Shelby GT Mustangs at 569 HP.
  • The C-5M has 12 internal wing tanks with a total capacity of 51,150 gallons of fuel… that’s enough to fill 6 1/2 regular-size railroad tank cars.
  • C-5M is capable of traveling close to 7,000 nautical miles. That is like traveling east from San Francisco, CA, to Cairo, Egypt, on one tank of gas.
  • There are 52 C-5A/B/C/M aircraft in the U.S Air Force fleet as of August 2018; all manufactured between 1969- 1989. Travis AFB currently has 16 C-Ms and 2 C-5Cs worth $4.3 billion.
  • Capable of carrying 6 Apache helicopters or 15 Humvees.
  • The original purchase price per aircraft was $179 million and an additional $90 million for the C-5M upgrade.